404 STUDIO Good Night Pikachu: The Sleepy Pikachu Super Cute!

  • STUDIO opened an order for a Good Night Pikachu, the sleepy Pikachu lying on the soft and big bed has a different style of vitality than usual, but it is not interesting.

The height of this Good Night Pikachu is 12 cm. The appearance of the two ears drooping down looks like it has exhausted the energy of the day. The action of rubbing the little face is both pitiful and very loving.

It may be because he stayed up too late, and the tired Pikachu was almost too sleepy to open his eyes, and he felt like he was going to fall asleep in the next second!

The bed in the scene is portrayed very warmly, and you can feel the soft and comfortable texture of the quilt. When you wake up the next morning, everyone can see the energetic Pikachu again!

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