ASS Studio Yu-Gi-Oh! the Winged Dragon of Ra: Incarnate As Immortal Phoenix and Has Huge Golden Wings

ASS Studio opened an order for a new product of the the Winged Dragon of Ra Statue in Yu-Gi-Oh! Its huge wings shine with golden brilliance, and it is also matched with gradient flame special effects. The visual effect is very cool.

The height of the Winged Dragon of Ra is 50 cm and the width is 75 cm, and the wingspan is 20 cm longer than that of the sky dragon. It is not only the most dazzling, but also the largest among the Egyptian God.

In the scene, the rolling flames echo with the flaming wings of the Pterodactyl, which adds a gorgeous texture to this golden beast that is not found in the original work.

The wings and tail of the Winged Dragon of Ra are depicted with transparent flames, which is to show the process of changing from the Winged Dragon of Ra to the Winged Dragon of Ra – Immortal Phoenix in the play.

In the portrayal of the shape, a lot of details have been added to the body of this Winged Dragon of Ra. Especially the strong muscles of the legs are very clearly portrayed, and the shape that combines the dual characteristics of creatures and metals is very distinctive and full of tension.

Under the light, the golden body of the Winged Dragon of Ra has a liquid-like texture. It’s like metal being melted by fire, and it’s very beautiful with the translucent effects.

In the scene, the fragmented Egyptian stele element is similar to the sky dragon, and the aura of putting the Egyptian God together is extremely powerful, which is definitely worth your expectation.

After the Three Phantom Gods, ASS studio’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon are also in production! This is also a handsome style. I will give a detailed introduction when the order is opened.

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