CELLULOID STUDIO Blue Archive Kasumizawa Miyu: The High-end Version of Kasumizawa Miyu with A Trash Can is A Bold Idea!

CELLULOID STUDIO released a 1/6 statue of Kasumizawa Miyu in Blue Archive, and the advanced version not only has a nude that can be placed in two way, but also comes with a special bonus trash can.

The height of this Kasumizawa Miyu is 28 cm. The Lolita in white silk sits on the trash can to make her look quite cute. In the scene, you can see the fallen leaves on Kasumizawa Miyu and the sparrows that stay on the muzzle of the gun. The depiction of these small details is very vivid and interesting.

The biggest Moe point of the Kasumizawa Miyu is the eye-catching white pantyhose, under the white stockings and sneakers, the Lolita’s silky legs look very sexy.

The shy expression, a pair of rabbit ears and the fallen leaves on the head make Kasumizawa Miyu’s weak neighbor girl temperament portrayed very well.

In addition to the shape of the sailor suit in the standard version, the advanced version also adds a fully naked body, a head sculpture without halo, and a simple platform, which is Kasumizawa Miyu that can be placed in two styles!

The advanced version of Kasumizawa Miyu has a special bonus trash can! All I can say is that the idea is bold enough.

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