Cold and gay Cthulhu maiden!

ASS, in partnership with Graffiti Studio, has opened an order for a Abigail Williams of FGO in the form of a private order. It limited the quantity of 30. Players can also see the detail of bare-chested!

The work is 35 cm high. She stands on giant Cthulhu tentacles, with flowing blonde hair and a huge brim. Integral style is mixture of beauty and terror.

The sculpture is somewhere between human and non-human. The butterfly-like tassels and two huge keys are visually appealing. The round key chain, like the sun wheel behind it, has a special divinity. It echoes the keyhole on the forehead.

In terms of facial characterization, ASS is more cold and mature than FGO. Her scarlet eyes were full of a coquettish light that matches the sneer of the mouth.

After taking out butterfly tassel, the texture and depict of skin are very wonderful. We can even see bare breasts!

The wizard’s hat, with a wide brim and a cone in the middle, echoes the scenario of witch trials in the game. The two pink bears and bows on the hat are very cute.

In contrast to the maiden’s white and smooth skin, the base of the Cthulhu tentacles looked like the dirty rotten meat. That is full of terror. Two tentacles wound their way up Abigail’s leg. It’s erotic and creepy.

The purchase link is here. Players don’t miss it.

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