Companion “Naruto” Hokage Akatsuki: A Generous Scene of Dying Like A Real Ninja!

Companion ZUOBAN Hokage Akatsuki organization series launched a new product of “Tailless Tail Beast” Hoshigaki Kisame resin statue today. The picture of this work depicts the tragic scene where he summoned the psychic beast to commit suicide in order to keep the information of the organization after completing the task.

The height of the statue of this Hoshigaki Kisame is 45cm. Compared with the animation picture of him summoning sharks to devour himself in the water prison, this work of Companion has done a more freehand treatment in the design, which makes the picture more appealing.

As the surging waves were turned into huge shark fangs, the submerged Hoshigaki Kisame looks very heroic, and the Hoshigaki Kisame in the picture also appeared in the first appearance wearing a red cloud robe and carrying Samehada on his back. And the way he comes out in the look back pose is amazing

At the last moment of his life, Hoshigaki Kisame still chose to try his best to protect the secrets of the organization, which made the members of the Akatsuki organization as the enemy respect him. 

Might Guy’s quote: “He lived like a real ninja and died like a real ninja.” That’s the best description of this statue.

In order to show the character of the character, the head carving of this Hoshigaki Kisame is very wonderfully portrayed. The determination and calmness in his eyes seems to be laughing at the opponent. Compared with the processing effect of the original animation, the level of this expression is greatly improved a lot.

In addition, the spray effect of this Hoshigaki Kisame is very textured and rich in layers. It is not rendered by computer, but painted on the real object, and then sprayed with similar effect color and PU varnish.

The bottom of the spray has a transparent texture, while the top of the wave has a sparkling effect of sea water sparkling in the sun.

Sunshine water waves can also be seen on the surface of sharks during surging waves. This is the first time I have seen such delicate and stunning wave effects.

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