Dim Model Studio SD Scale Shenron: Send Dragon Ball Radar and Shenron Stickers

Dim Model Studio launched a new product of the Earth Shenron Resin Statue in Dragon Ball. It is in SD proportion. The eyes and the base contains breathing lights to light up. If you pre-order it, you can not only get a Dragon Ball Radar, but also get a Shenron sticker.

The height of this Shenron is 30 centimeters, which is slightly exaggerated than the head size of the normal proportion version. In addition to being imposing, it also has a cute and cute feeling.

The red eyes of Shenron and the yellow special effects of the base can be illuminated, and the layering of the scales is very richly portrayed. These textures make people feel very satisfied.

In the side view, the winding body of the Shenron is very eye-catching. The huge body is supported by the left and right stone pillars on the base, but in terms of visual experience, there is an illusion of floating in the air.

Seven dragon balls can be seen in the glowing middle of the base.

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