EGG Studio Jigglypuff: Glitter Elements and LED Light Effects To Create A Dazzling World of Pokémon!

EGG Studio’s Pokémon series opened an order for a new product of the evolution series of Jigglypuff. This dreamy scene is gorgeous and cute, and it is the first work in this series with LEDs!

The height of this evolution series of Jigglypuff is 27.5 cm. In the picture, Jigglypuff with a microphone in her hand has a cute and healing smile on her face. Together with Wigglytuff and Igglybuff, they create a colorful and romantic music world like a fairy tale.

In Jigglypuff’s eyes, there is a sparkle like a gem, which echoes with the large number of accessories with transparent special effects in the scene. And added glitter elements and LED light effects to the transparent parts, which can bring out the romantic atmosphere like magic.

Wigglytuff and Igglybuff have expressions of enjoyment on their faces, and they feel very happy to enjoy this dreamlike scene like Disneyland.

The evolution series of Pokémon by EGG Studio is mainly based on handsome shapes or cool special effects. Although the style of this Jigglypuff’s will be different, it is indeed eye-catching in the series. Coupled with the bold use of glitter elements and LED light effects, the actual starting effect is very worth looking forward to.

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