Elegant gentleman in fire!

HB-studio has opened an order for Vinsmoke Sanji, the last piece of the series of One Piece. As the final work in the series, it maintains its usual high quality. The work has a very high cost performance!

The work is 40 cm high. Simple and handsome modeling is consistent with the role setting. The gentle Sanji in flames is more handsome than Luffy and Zoro!

His handsome style is largely set off by his straight suit vest. The unbuttoned collar of the shirt and the tie hanging loosely around the neck look casual. The fluttering suit over his shoulders, in the firelight, created an feeling of valor.

Details such as crisp waistcoats, elegant suits and flowing sleeves require solid design skills. These make this simple work with extremely high quality.

Head carving, slightly upturned Angle has a sense of pride. The furrowed brows, fierce eyes and disdainful mouth that perfectly shows his attraction and sexy.

The cigarette in his hand bent slightly under the pressure of his fingers. From this small detail, we can not only feel the tension of the statue, but also feel the rigorous attitude of the studio.

Flames on the platform spread from underfoot to all sides. Although the pose is walk, we can still feel the tension of the battle.

The flame part of the work is made of PU material with high transparency. The main part of the figure is imported red wax. The details and painting of the work are worth looking forward to.

The one-eyed skeleton with a chef’s hat on the platform is Sanji style. The bones behind the skull is represented by the chef’s knife and fork.

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