EVIL & XWL Uchiha Sasuke: The Ultra-luxurious Base With Kylin ,White Snake, Eagle and Susanoo!

The Uchiha Sasuke Statue in Naruto, which was released by EVIL & XWL studio. The normal version is very cost-effective, and the platform in the high-end version has very gorgeous and dazzling special effects.

The height of the advanced version is 66 cm. Sasuke in the center of the picture is surrounded by Kylin, White Snake, Eagle and Susanoo, and the stone statue of Rinnegan behind and Mangekyo sharingan on the base almost cover Uchiha Sasuke Most of the classic ninjutsu!

The modeling in the scene is very rich and makes people feel very good. The details of the beast and the transparent special effects are very well portrayed.

In addition to the normal head sculpture, the advanced version also has an Amaterasu head sculpture as a replacement part, and a 3D original painting of this statue is attached.

Additional head sculpt with mini-Thoracic platform can be placed separately.

The standard version of the statue is only 40 cm high and only Sasuke, but it is worth mentioning that the knife in the hand is made of alloy, and the raised left hand comes with accessories with Chidori special effects.

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