GINTAMA: A classic trio!

Lu Xing Bird Studio has opened an order today for “Yorozuya Sanjyou!” in GINTAMA. This work is divided into motorcycle version and Yorozuya version. It limited the quantity of 99.

Let’s look at the motorcycle version first. Sakura Gintoki is driving a small pedal and holding a Toyako. Behind the bus are the irascible Shimura Shinpachi and Kagura carrying an oil-paper umbrella. This is a very classic trio.

The expressions of the three men were distinctive. Sakura Gintoki also has motorcycle helmet and normal white hair two head carving for replacement.

From the side view, we can see Kagura’s cute pose with one foot on the back seat! Shimura Shinpachi grabbed Sakura Gintoki’s shoulder with one hand, even though her whole body had been thrown from the bike. The overall modeling is very wonderful.

In the dust raised by the platform, we can see the GINTAMA comic book, strawberry milk, dessert sundae and other classic props from the animation.

Purchase during the time of pre-order and you will receive a free WCF scale Elizabeth of Sakura Gintoki version!

The Yorozuya version of the scene is also classic. A giant plaque with words sugar hangs on the back of the work. Except for Sakura Gintoki who is picking his nose, the other two are serious expression.

All three are decorated with head carving of face art style. The painting style after replacing the head carving is very comfortable! The special is another look of Elizabeth of Sakura Gintoki version .

There is also a Sadaharu that can be placed on its own in Yorozuya scene. Lovely expressions and fine hair are very vivid.

The desk drawer can be opened. The drawer is said to come with mysterious little gifts!

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