HT Studio The New Movie Version of Buzz Lightyear:Fly to The Boundless Universe

HT Studio released a Buzz Lightyear Statue in the new movie version of Light Years, and its proportion is 1/6. Compared with the Space Mounted Police toy in everyone’s impression, this Buzz Lightyear Wearing an Alpha spacesuit is still different. And the deluxe version also adds a flying wing backpack, a kitten and a laptop.

Let’s take a look at the accessories added to the deluxe version first. Among them, the flying wing backpack is definitely the standard configuration of Buzz Lightyear. To classify this accessory into the deluxe version is obviously to increase the price and make the normal version almost worthless. Only It can be said that the behavior of HT Studio is too obvious. In addition, the deluxe version also adds a Buzz Lightyear head sculpture that can take off the hood.

In terms of appearance, the new movie version of Buzz Lightyear’s figure is closer to the proportion of a normal person than a toy. The sturdy and powerful posture looks quite handsome.

The new version of Buzz Lightyear’s spacesuit adds a lot of detail to the depiction, and has some paint like a lot of abrase and exposed primer. Although it is not an alloy die-casting product, it still has a sense of metal visually.

This Buzz Lightyear head sculpt is a moving eye design and the big eyes are a classic cartoon style, which looks very well.

The deluxe version of Buzz Lightyear has added a Chris Evans cartoon head sculpture, and the handsome expression and eyes are well portrayed.

The space suit is also equipped with a detachable transparent mask, which is closer to the Buzz Lightyear shape in the John Lasseter after pressing the mask.

In terms of weapons, the new movie version of Buzz Lightyear adds a beam gun and a laser knife.

A laser hand cannon can also be installed on the right arm, which feels a bit like Iron Man!

When the left arm armor is opened, the microcomputer components inside will be exposed.

At the same time, the armor on the left arm is only the exclusive flying backpack of the deluxe version, which is magnetically connected to the main body of Buzz Lightyear. The flying wings can be opened by switching the two shapes of acceptance and expansion through the replacement parts, which will reveal the microcomputer components inside.

The deluxe version also comes with a robotic cat that moves on all fours and a laptop.

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