Iron Fist EVA Mari Makinami Illustrious: Holding EVA-08 and The Large Cross-Leg Shape Look Handsome and Sexy

Iron Fist studio opened an order for a 1/4 scale EVA Mari Makinami Illustrious statue today, She is wearing a high-slit battle suit and taking large steps makes her look domineering and super sexy.

The height of this EVA statue is 43 cm, and the large cross-leg shape is amazing, which not only shows the heroic and valiant appearance of Mari Makinami Illustrious holding EVA-08, but also perfectly shows her a pair of eye-catching super long beautiful legs.

Especially when viewed from the side and rear, this Mari Makinami Illustrious plus the faintly visible figure is super A and handsome! To be honest, this is the first time I’ve seen it done so handsomely.

To accentuate the sensuality, the brand changed Mari Makinami Illustrious’s combat uniform to high slits and patent leather boots. In the rear view, the skin of the thigh and hip line is also worth seeing.

In addition, the design of the upper and lower key parts of the normal version of this Mari Makinami Illustrious battle suit is still detachable, while the deluxe version has added replaceable nudes, and the full nude appearance is more attractive than everyone imagined.

The base of the EVA cockpit has built-in LED lights, which can emit light, and the blue light effect of the platform is full of technology.

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