Kamado Nezuko: The beautiful shape of falling into dreamland is so beautiful!

Magic Book Studios is opening an order for Kamado Nezuko today, the first work in the Fantasy series of Demon Slayer. It’s so nice to curl up in the trees and fall asleep. Work can be placed and hung. The overall atmosphere is very nice!

The work is 40 cm high. The studio maximized the composition of the facade. At first glance, you can feel that the whole picture is full and delicate. The work is not only gorgeous, but also Japanese style.

Kamado Nezuko’s figure is already very mature. The lines of the long legs are very delicate. The curvature of the toes, the white skin on the shoulders and the breasts covered by the hair all appeal.

The baby sleeping position is also amazing. The sound of her breathing and the rhythm of her chest rising and falling could be heard in the stillness.

The comfort and sweetness of dream of Kamado Nezuko can be felt from all angles. She didn’t even care about the hem of kimono that was about to fall off. By the way, it has all the details you want!

In addition to the accompanying base, the work can also be directly displayed as a wall hanging! This design undoubtedly liberates the space of the cabinet. If we customize the frame together, I feel the effect of displaying will be more amazing.

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