LK Gogeta: Two Version In Yellow and Blue, This Can Be Combined with Vegetto!

LK Studio opened an order for a new Gogeta Statue product for the Samurai Dragon Ball series today, which is available in yellow and blue colors.

So far, LK’s Samurai Dragon Ball series has launched 12 characters. It can be said that the output is very stable, and even each design is very exciting. This Gogeta can be combined with the previous Vegetto, and It looks really good when put together.

The height of this Gogeta is 31.5 centimeters. The clothes that are constantly fluttering and flying will be very similar to Vegetto, but the halo with the flame behind it has been removed, which makes the overall style less flamboyant, and it will feel more Plain.

With a serious face and ready to draw a knife, the shape looks very majestic and handsome. In Gogeta’s awe-inspiring expression, the sense of justice in his eyes is also well portrayed.

Compared to Vegetto, who is naked on the upper body, this Gogeta has a Japanese-style vest, and the thick knuckles will have a martial arts style, and you can also see the blue veins on the back of the hand.

The golden pattern like rising flames on the trouser legs looks very gorgeous, and it just echoes the halo with flames behind Vegetto.

In addition to the blonde look, you can also choose the blue version of Gogeta. Because the previous Vegetto only had the blue version, if you want a combination, you can also choose the same color version.

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