Lovely deer!

Myethos today opened an order for the third work of the national treasure anthropomorphic series – Deer King. The work uses a famous mural of Mogao Caves in Southern and Northern Dynasties to create a garage kit. The exquisite and gorgeous design is amazing.

This piece is 20.5 centimeters high. The delicate color scheme is gorgeous and exaggerated. The girl’s sleeve is modeled on a mural of a national treasure. The modelling is exquisite and lovely.

The book tells the story of sakyamuni who saved a drowning man. The work takes the form of a long comic strip. The story starts at both ends and ends in the middle. This is also the origin of the classic animation Nine Colored Deer.

Myethos uses a young girl as a national treasure. The shape is a girl, but she is full of divinity. A pair of antlers on the top of the head like a magnificent crown.

The white hair sets off the whiteness of the maiden’s skin. Ribbons on hairpins hang from the antlers. The sculpture is very beautiful. The antlers were decorated with gold ornaments. The details are very delicate.

The headdress on the girl’s head is a reference to the patterns of flower and grass in Deer King. From the close-up of the official picture, we can see that the middle black headdress has a colored gradient! The blue beads on the top of the head are very beautiful. She is more ornate than ordinary garage kits.

The design of the eyes also take the mural. Myethos has done a lot of work on its design.

The carving features long eyebrows and delicate eye makeup. This is quite different from the style of Japanese girls. She is delicate and beautiful, but also has a Chinese feeling.

A young girl is holding a reed pen used by ancient painters to display the features of the national treasure. There are also paint trays for decoration.

The golden leaf shaped tray is very delicate. The paint on the plate in state of flowing and dripping!

The girl has a crow on her left hand. In the story of The Deer King, it is this crow that wakes up the sleeping deer at the critical moment and helps it escape from the hunting of King.

Although this crow is small, its feathers have coatings of blue and purple! It has color separations on the eyes and paws. It’s amazing how detailed it is.

The color of the girl’s body that looks like black silk also has a unique meaning. After years of baptism, the flesh-colored skin in Mogao Caves has turned black. Pigment oxidation causes the pink color blended by silver vermilion and lead powder to darken. The dark body in the garage kit is a metaphor for the traces left by time on the national treasure.

The golden coating on the legs and toenails is exotic. Dark black with a bluish gradient, which is also very nice.

From the back view, the clothes of Southern and Northern Dynasties are gorgeous and elegant. The shawl depicts the story of Deer King

As the base of the rock is also very distinctive. Modeling is modeled after the garden. The rotating painting colors are like the palettes stirred in the hands of ancient painters.

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