Perfect muscles all over his body – Monkey D. Luffy

GKGO STUDIOS opened an order for a 1/6 Luffy that has high cost performance. The sculpt that Bare-chested to showing his muscles and hold the flag is very handsome.

The work is 45 cm high. He is the first work in GKGO STUDIOS collection. I’m more looking forward to Nami Robin’s stunning sculpt than naked!

Although the shape is simple but also very novel. Shorts and belt give people a impression of tough guy! The chiseled muscles, the clenched fists and the angry expression are all powerful.

Muscles in the arms and upper body are the biggest highlights. It’s quality out of its price!

The pleats in jeans are natural. The band of white fur on the trouser leg was soft and thick.

The waving pirate flag stood firm in the gale. Luffy and the flagpole in the hands like nails inserted in the roaring waves! The statue is a good representation of Luffy as the spirit of the Straw Hats. We are looking forward to other characters.

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