Pokemon – Key of Ascension

Polaris Studios has placed an order tonight for a set of The Key of Ascension 1 of the Pokemon Royal Triplex series.It limited the quantity of 188. Reservations are for one night only and will be closed tomorrow morning.

The work is 25 cm high. The picture mixes the different habitats of the three Pokemon. Gorgeous and vivid special effects are the biggest attraction.

In the lush jungle, the winking expression of Bulbasaur is very cute. Giant plants and flowers blend Pokemon with the environment. In this work, it is difficult to distinguish

the subject from the platform background.

Curly ferns and streams make the whole scene full of dreamlike and beautiful colors.

Squirtles are very active as they play in the current. There is a Poliwag beside it.

At the top of the picture lies a small dragon on a rock. Bored, he looked down at squirtles at play. The flames behind the cliffs reveal an environment unlike any other pokemon.

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