Movable Licensed Leon Scott Kennedy GK Figures, Resident Evil 2 Anime Statue Figures, DAMTOYS Studio (Pre-Order) 1/6 Scale


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Studio: DAMTOYS.
Ratio: 1/6.
Estimated Product Height: 30 cm.
Limited Edition: Time-Limited.
Expected Released Date: 4th Quarter 2022.

  • Leon Scott Kennedy Exquisite Head Sculpture.
  • DAM3.5 Movable Body (more than 30 movable joints).
  • Tactical Glove Hand Types Include: Weapon Holding Hand Shape (right hand) + Weapon Holding Hand Shape (left hand) + Pistol Grip (left hand) + Flashlight Holding Hand Shape (left hand) + ATM-4 Bazooka Holding Hand (right hand) + ATM-4 Bazooka Holding Hand (left hand).
  • Clothing Sccessories Include: PRD Uniform Top (Classic Police Look) + PRD Uniform Pants (Classic Police Look) + Uniform Belt +A Pair of Elbow Pads + A Pair of Knee Pads + A Pair of Boots + Radio Pack + Leg Hanging Holster.
  • Weapon Accessories Include: Matilda Pistol.
  • Removable Accessories Include: Butt + brake +high capacity magazine + M19 pistol + W-870 Shotgun (with stock) + W-870 Shotgun (Long Barrel) + LE 5 Submachine Gun + ATM-4 Bazooka + Flashbang + Grenade + Fighting Knife + Fighting Knife and Scabbard.
  • Accessories: Key x 4 + First aid spray + Radio and Watches + Flashlight + Boxed 9MM Ammo + Boxed .45 Ammo + Figure Stand.


Please note, according to the contract with our suppliers, we DO NOT sell and ship to China, Hongkong (CN), Macao (CN), and The United States. Your understanding would be appreciated.


Please note the shipping fee is EXCLUDED from the prices. Because we don't know the exact weight of the figure(s) you ordered until it is produced. Your kind understanding would be appreciated! We will send you the shipping fee Invoice via Paypal when the figure(s) is ready to ship.


Generally speaking, you do not need to pay customs taxes when the box is small. To save your money on customs taxes or VAT taxes, we usually declare a low value (about 25% - 30% of the price) invoice with parcels. However, if there is any customs tax claimed by the customs office in your Country, we are not responsible for it. Thank you for your understanding.

Good News for Customers from Europe!
The Tax-Free train shipping method is available now (Since June, 2022). It is suitable for statues which is more than 2KG. It takes 30-40 days to arrive after we arranged the shipment. And you don't need to pay the VAT tax and Custom tax.


If you pay the Deposit firstly - wait for the balance due invoice - pay the balance due - wait for the shipping fee invoice - pay the shipping fee - get the tracking number -receive your figure(s)

If you pay Full Payment firstly - wait for the shipping fee invoice - pay the shipping fee - get the tracking number - receive your figures(s)

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