PUP Attack on Titan Eren Jaeger:XL Scale, The Fear of Being Dominated By Giants!

GSC Studio POP UP PARADE Series is released Eren Jaeger Figure in Attack on Titan, this is a new product with XL scale. The size of the squatting position is as high as 34 cm, which is close to a 1/3 scale statue. In terms of visual experience super domineering.

Compared with the previous small-scale version of Eren Jaeger in PUP Studio, this new product truly achieves the effect of a giant and greatly improves the details of muscles and head carvings!

In particular, the drawing effect of the giant’s arms and chest muscles is much more delicate than the original version, and the palms and ankles with thick joints are full of beast breath.

A large proportion of Eren Jaeger strengthened the part of the eyeball, and the fierce expression was well portrayed. The previous small-scale version had almost no eyeball color, so the design with only the whites of the eyes lost some charm.

The back muscles of this large-sized Eren Jaeger are distinct, which makes it feel full of strength. At the same time, the obvious drawing effect of this new product is also absent from the small-scale version.

If standing normally, this product is estimated to be more than 50 cm! To be honest, the XL ratio of PUP Studio is quite suitable for expressing a domineering style. The details are improved and the price is not expensive. Players who like giants can consider starting.

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