PUP Berserk Guts Berserker Armor:The Figure With A Height Of 28cm is Unbeatable For The Price!

The Max Factory POP UP PARADE series launched a new product of Guts Berserker Armor figure in Berserk. The figures with a height of 28 cm can be said to be the most cost performance figure of Berserk so far!

The shape of this Berserker Armor is derived from the cover of the 28th volume of the Berserk comic. Under the moonlight, Guts’s posture of holding a huge dragonslayer and turning into a bloodthirsty beast is both terrifying and impressive!

This Guts is a large-scale figure of the PUP series. Although it is a squatting position on a high platform, the huge size of 28 cm should be equivalent to a 12-inch figure if you stand up. The dark, deep and brutal shapes are really visually striking.

In addition to the powerful force brought by the size, the texture details of the Berserker Armor are also very well depicted.  The thick texture of the layers of the armor is very good, not only can you clearly see the details of the rivets, even the curved part of the finger is delicately carved.

The huge dragonslayer still has a rough texture.

In the side silhouette perspective, the stooped shape seems to be a ferocious beast quietly waiting for the hunting opportunity. As long as the flaws of the prey are found, it will be captured instantly! Sculptural appearance can be said to be quite classic.

In addition to the official head carving, this Guts can also be replaced with the mirait 316R luminous eye head carving accessories produced by HIROMI Industry (this product is not included and needs to be purchased separately).

In the perspective from the back, the long drooping cloak is full of wild breath like animal hair, which even shows the thin stature of this  Berserker Armor .

The picture above is the Guts statue of Berserk previously released by P1S studio. Compared with the price of this statue, many gamers can’t bear to start, and PUP’s Guts Berserker armor is very cost performance. Definitely worth getting started!

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