Sakura Haruno – Hearing that the material of the work is soft silicone, I immediately became energetic!

YOMI’s Naruto collection today opens an order for its fourth work of Sakura Haruno. This work is divided into ordinary edition and software silicone edition. Its feeling of pinching is well worth experiencing!

The work is 1/6 scale and 33 cm high. Leaning on the Japanese steps and taking off her clothes is very sexy! Breasts could be glimpsed under the bodice. Sexy thigh lines are very seductive.

The bra and panties are detachable. The silicone version can even remove the red coat. Compared with previous works, the playability and fun have been greatly improved.

The silicone version is fully detachable. The feeling of pinching is very nice!

The silicone version has a head carving of cougar style with a diamond mark on the top of the head. Its temperament have obvious difference from another of girl style .

The Japanese scenes of this series of YOMI is also one of the highlights. The cherry tree trunks in the background are exquisitely carved. The cherry blossoms in full bloom and the fresh green grass on the platform are full of spring.

The background of the work also added a ring glow effect. The silicone version of the night light is luminous. It has a Japanese feel when it’s lit up. The sexy figure of girl and lamplight lets a person be intoxicated.

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