Sky Top Studio Dragon Ball Vegeta:The Overwhelming Sense of Despair and Oppression Is Too Strong!

A new product of Dragon Ball great ape Vegeta GK statue has been released, which comes from Sky Top Studio. In the scene, there is a strong contrast between Vegeta, which is 40 centimeters in height, and Son Goku, who is only 6 centimeters in height. It can be said that the animation is perfectly restored, that is a desperate scene!

Compared to the shape of the animation, the huge figure of this great ape Vegeta statue makes the oncoming strong pressure more real, and through the performance of battle damage on Vegeta and rich scene terrain can be seen Sky Top Studios increased the detail of the portrayal of many.

Vegeta has powerful muscles after turning into a giant ape. Compared with the shape of animation, Sky Top studio has strengthened the outline of Vegeta’s muscles and painted the battle suit with shadows, which is more beautiful than the original statue. burly and domineering.

In the rear view, Vegeta’s long tail hair is distinct, and the swaying shape will make people go up and chop! In addition, the low clouds in the scene can also feel how tall and exaggerated the giant ape-shaped Saiyan is.

In front of the great ape Vegeta, the incredible stunned expression on Son Goku’s face was very dramatic. He looked up at the towering giant beast in front of him, and it was estimated that he wanted to swear at this moment.

The details of this Son Goku, which is only 6 cm, are also very delicate and meticulous. Not only is the expression very vivid and restored, but the bloodstains on his body are also worth seeing.

This great ape Vegeta statue is similar in size to the Big Ape a reward, but it is obviously more shocking in terms of the tension and details of the shape! With the cheap price, this statue is worth buying.

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