The new work to of 1/1 Ultra Ball and Great Ball is coming!

PPAP Studio’s Poke Ball collection today released both Ultra Ball and Great Ball. It limited the quantity of 188 severally. This series is 1/1 scale and can be held in the hand. At the same time, they come with a pedestal to display on the table.

These are all the Poke balls currently released by PPAP.

Take a look at the Ultra ball, which can capture more 1.5 times than the regular ball. The surface texture of red blue metallic paint on the upper half is very nice. A diameter of 10 centimeters fits well in the hand.

The other is a Great ball that costs 600 yuan in the game. The upper part is painted with bright finish and metallic paint. The color scheme of yellow and black is cool.

For the difference between the Ultra ball and the Great ball, the picture below will be used to show the structure of the ball.

The world inside the Great ball is very luxurious! No wonder its catch rate is so high. Let’s take a look at the structure inside the Master ball.

It’s a maze in here! No wonder the Masters ball has a 100% catch probability. Pokemon go in, never get out!

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