Unique Chinese beauty!

F:NEX recently opened an order for Hatsune Miku whose original painting created by Chinese artist Liita, which is 2022 Ver garage kit for Spring Festival. The modelling of Chinese style make it have very big difference to the ordinary garage kits for Spring Festival.

The work is 30.5 cm high. Cool color is very close to the original painting. Hatsune’s hair rippled like water. That’s pretty impressive.

This work is intended to show the gradual emergence of spring in the winter. Although at first glance, the large area of the work is cold color, but the plum blossom on the branches is the finishing touch.

The artistic conception of the work is very similar to the plum blossoms in the snow in Traditional Chinese painting. This is a good attempt by the painter to combine Chinese style with animated theme.

The green hair was cool and elegant. This echoes the snowy landscape on the plinth. Chinese white dress with red bow ribbon that is beautiful. The style of the dress and the work fit perfectly.

The lapel collar that contains Chinese style element is delicate and beautiful. The grey-green dress under the white coat is very nice. The ponytail has hair decorations that like a branch of plum blossom. This design is very nice!

Cheeks and features are carefully carved. Her cold eyes were very proud. The expression and the overall shape is a perfect unity.

Holding a plum branch is the key to combining the cold of late winter with the warmth of early spring. In addition to plum blossoms on the branches, there are palace lanterns hanging on the treetops and petals in the snow to show the coming spring.

From behind, long hair cascades from side to side like a cloud, becoming transparent until it reaches the tree trunk. The smooth shape has Chinese aesthetic feeling. This is what makes the work unique.

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